Welcome to Daniel's Vineyard

Started in 2010, Daniel's Vineyard has planted more than 14,000 vines on 80 acres offering 8 different varieties of grapes. Using the best practices known, we manage this vineyard with one objective - to produce the best possible wine from Indiana grapes. Our long, warm summers and bright sunshine allow us to ripen the broadest range of grapes.

We are located in central Indiana and just around the corner from the beautiful Geist Reservoir. It is an ideal location for people to come and enjoy our vineyard. Although we are young, we are committed to developing this vineyard into a first-class winery in the years to come. Keep checking back on our website as we will post updates on the progress being made.

Learn about the type of grapes we are growing by clicking on each of the pictures below or click on our "Current Conditions" page to view a live webcame of the vineyard. There are plenty of "Opportunities" already started at Daniel's Vineyard as this is our first year for harvest. We ask that you take your time to learn about our vineyard and we look forward to seeing you in the near future!